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Equipment I Use

Here is a list of some of the equipment I use when working on my projects

and affiliate links should you want to get your own. I own all of the equipment shown and recommend them based on my own experiences and have not been paid to promote them.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

I absolutely love this mic. It's easy to use and delivers awesome quality audio. Paired with a solid boom arm and I'm ready to record anything. 


Thunderbolt Dock

I couldn't believe how much USB hubs are! While this hub is pricey, I found it had the balance of all the things I was looking for:

  • Enough ports for my accessories

  • Can easily connect to my laptop

  • Lots of positive reviews

  • Value compared to some of the other thunderbolt hubs I saw online


Ring Light

I grabbed this bad boy on sale and have used it as one of my main lighting sources ever since. It's super bright, lets you change the tone of the light, and has a mobile app. 


Logitec Webcam

Great HD webcam for video conferencing and streaming. They've gotten a lot harder to come by this past year. 


RavPower Portable Power Bank

I LOVE these power banks. I get them for friends and family for holidays and birthdays. I found myself needing a new one after giving mine to a friend that was moving away and opted for one that had a Type C port and fast charging. 

Totally worth it in my opinion. This thing lasts forever and will charge your devices several times over. 

It's a lifesaver!


Cell Phone Rig & Shotgun Mic

I use my Pixel 5 for so many of my videos and pictures. With this rig, I can easily mount it to a tripod, attach lighting, and use a shotgun mic to isolate sound instead of relying on the phone's mic. I always have them in my bag. 

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