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Doing the Mental Gymnastics so You Don't Have To

Juni Ruiz

• Content Producer

• Social Media Manager

• Digital Marketing Specialist

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​What's better than telling a remarkable story?

​For over 18 years, I have been connecting with diverse communities to communicate complex feelings and ideas. I leave every interaction knowing my audience has learned or felt something they hadn't beforehand. 

​I am currently exploring opportunities, especially in the Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPG) industry, that allow me to apply my abilities to benefit the community. 

I'm a Content Producer, Professional Dungeon Master, and Very Nerdy Dad ready and able to make a difference in this industry. 

Here are some Fun Facts about me:

> I'm Bilingual (Español)
>  I love problem-solving
>  I wear a lot of hats 
               * Producer
               * Community Manager    
               * Social Media Manager
               * Podcast/Video Editor
               * Project Manager
               * Information Professional
               * Pokemon Professor



Thomas Edison
State University

BA, Communications

Throughout my entire educational journey, I focused heavily on interpersonal communications, social media, marketing, and technical writing. 

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