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Juni Ruiz

TTRPG Content Producer, Professional Game Master, Very Nerdy Dad

Hi there! I'm Juni, and I'm passionate about storytelling.

I love bringing ideas to life and helping people connect through engaging content.

When I'm not chasing my adorable toddler around the house, I'm a Professional Dungeon Master, Freelance Marketing Professional, and I appear on actual plays, podcasts, and charity streams.


You'll find Mondays & Friday Mornings on Warlocks & Waffles: A TTRPG Morning Show, or on social media, where I harness my AHDH Energy to make some engaging content.

But I'm not JUST about slaying dragons and engaging in internet shenanigans;

I'm also happily married to a woman that puts up with my nonsense

and proud father to a very silly little girl. 



You can find links to my social media accounts, affiliate links, and other content here!

What are players saying about Juni?

Thanks for reaching out!

Business Email:

PO BOX 1342
Vineland, NJ 08362

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