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Allow Me to Entertain You

Through the years, I’ve worked hard to develop my unique voice in entertainment.


I have performed in various shows,

with each performance adjusted to the audience and occasion.


You can count on me to make your event extra special, and are bound to have a memorable experience.


Here are just a few examples of projects I've appeared on. 

Business inquiries can email me at

"5 friends gather for just one night of DnD... until they are hurled headlong into The Forgotten Realms..."

RFW is an actual play D&D live stream where I play Noah Perez. 
After gathering to play D&D the group is sucked into a fantasy world and transformed into their characters. 

Unfortunately for Noah, it was his first time playing and what he thought was a cool dragon-man was actually a tiny lizard with fabulous hair. 

noah val.png

I was fortunate enough be a guest player on the Very Random Encounters podcast.


VRE is a show where they play pen and paper RPGs in which they've randomly determined as many things as possible, including characters, villains, names, places, and other weirder stuff.

We played I'm Sure You're Wondering Why I Gathered You All Here This Evening by Logan Jenkins and our game spanned three episodes.

Episode 1: Good Evening


Episode 2: Full-On Knives


Episode 3: Meat


I was cast as Don Sebastian De la Vega on Gehenna Gaming's Pasión de las Pasiones: In Fear & Love.


Pasiones is a tale of romance and revenge, where fear dances with love...


Even beauty has its thorns, but the walls have many eyes on the set of In Fear & Love. Drama ensues, and one cast member remembers what they took from them... Rule with fear and power as we partake in a journey of Fear... and Love. 

Juni Ruiz plays Don Sebastian de la Vega on the actual play stream Pasion de las Pasiones, presented by Gehenna Gaming
Running Feywild
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