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Connect with a Game Master: How to Find TTRPG Game Sessions, Request Custom Games, Content & More

Looking to discover New TTRPG Resources

and Connect with a DM/GM?

I've been fortunate enough to run a lot of TTRPG games recently, but I'm always looking to connect with people that want an introduction to D&D, want to collaborate on some content, or just want to share memes.

I'd love to connect, so whether you're looking for available game sessions, custom games, free resources, or news and reviews, here are the ways to get in touch with me, support what I do, and follow my content 👇🏼


📨: You can always reach out directly to me via email at

🗓️ 🎲 🗓️: Find game sessions with open seats or request custom games with me here or via Startplaying.

🎇 🪄 💸🎇: Support me on ko-fi to:

  • enter monthly one-shot drawings 🏆

  • receive personalized magic items ✨ 🎁

  • and gain access to a secret podcast! 🎙️

You can also show your support by sharing my affiliate links and open game

(FYI, I earn a small commission from purchases made through the following links)

Looking for TTRPG Accessories?

Looking for scents to shape your gaming experience?

My go to DM Accessories for portable maps and visual aids.


🎙️ 🧇: I'm co-host for a biweekly TTRPG Morning Show, which airs Live Mondays and Fridays, 8 am EST.

Join us live on Twitch


Watch the VODs on YouTube


You can listen to us in Podcast form (We just published our first podcast episode, and we're going to be working on getting our last 3 episodes uploaded soon!)


🐦: Follow me on Twitter for updates and insights on the TTRPG community.

🟦: Become a part of my growing Facebook community.

📰🧑🏻‍💻: Check out my blog for D&D/TTRPG news, tech reviews, magic items, and more.

⏰: Follow me on TikTok for ridiculousness and TTRPG insights.


🙏TL/DR: Thank you to everyone who likes, shares, and supports what I do. Visit to connect with me and discover more TTRPG resources.

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