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Sites I Use

My go-to Virtual Table Top (VTT)

I can't say how much I love OwlbearRodeo. It's a super easy-to-use VTT with features I love:

  • You can upload as many maps and tokens as you want

  • You don't need an account

  • Your players don't need an account

  • And most importantly, IT'S FREE.

You set up your map and tokens the way you want, then send a link to your players, and they can see/interact with the map and tokens from their screens (it's mobile-friendly too!). Added bonus, you can stream music from another browser tab and your players can hear it on their end. 

Did I mention that all of that is FREE?!?!



This site has a TON of random generators you can use for when you need some while carefully planning your game, or when you need something on the fly!


Random Potion Generator


In a lot of my games I have a traveling "potions" vendor named Benny Mastif. He's awesome. The concoctions he sells can sometimes be a tossup though. I sell them for half the price of a potion, they heal for 1D4+1, and they do something random. Does he know the random thing they'll do? Sometimes.  This generator is great when you want some random loot, or when you want to put something a little different in one of your shops. 


If any of the follow applies to you then you should definitely check out

  • Do you want to play D&D or some other TTRPG but don't have a group to play with?

  • Do you want to learn D&D or some other TTRPG?

  • Are you a DM/GM looking for players for your game?

  • Are you a DM/GM and would like to get paid to run games?

I've been using SPG for over a year and I have had a very positive experience. There are both free and paid games offered by many talented game runners. What I love most is you can check out a DM/GM's reviews to get a sense if they're a good fit for you. 


Rano Potion Generator
Owlbear Rodeo
Random D&D Hook Wheel
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