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Need a Dungeon Master?

If you're here, there's a chance you love playing tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) or want to discover how awesome TTRPGs can be.


🧭Either way, you're in the right place!🧭


Game sessions with me deliver an experience that combines passionate storytelling, years of pop culture and anime references, and a generous amount of mental gymnastics. TTRPGs are where you and your friends unite to make something out of nothing. Where you have epic moments you can't wait to talk about later, have your creativity encouraged, and do it all in a safe and welcoming environment.


Would you rather try talking to the tree instead of fighting it? Give it a shot.


Do you think the dragon might be interested in joining your group in some business venture? There's only one way to find out!


My job isn't done until I'm sure you're having fun.


New players can expect game sessions that keep them returning for more.


Experienced players can expect to be reminded of why they fell in love with TTRPGs in the first place.


What kind of game do you want to play?


Here's a list of Adventures/Game Systems available. If there's an adventure or system you need help finding, let me know!


👇 👇 👇

○Dungeons and Dragons 5e

• Lost Mine of Phandelver ⛏️ •Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden ❄️ •Candlekeep Mysteries 🕯️ •Adventures through the Domains of Dread (Ravenloft) 😨 •Strixhaven 🏫 •Wild Beyond the Witchlight 🧚 •Mythic Odysseys of Theros 🐏 •Curse of Strahd (Traditional or Variant) 🦇 •Rise of Tiamat 🐉


○Power Rangers RPG 🔴🔵⚫🟣🟡🟢

○Powered by the Apocalypse 🎲

○Lasers & Feelings 🔫💗

○Blades in the Dark 🗡️ 🕶️

○Honey Heist 🍯

GM style

😀 I adjust to the comfort level of the group. I encourage everyone to try everything. Never be afraid to ask questions.

🤔 "Will it work? There's only one way to find out!"

🧙 Roleplaying is encouraged but never expected.

Need a Dungeon Master?




The Candlekeep Mysteries are 17 short adventures that allow your adventuring party to play detective and solve unsolved crimes, right past wrongs, and prevent fiendish plots! Which mystery will you get? Who knows?! (Although, I will take requests if you have a specific one in mind :D)

Candlekeep attracts scholars like a flame attracts moths. Historians, sages, and others who crave knowledge flock to this library fortress to peruse its vast collection of books, scribbled into which are the answers to the mysteries that bedevil them. Many of these books contain their own mysteries—each one a doorway to adventure. Dare you cross that threshold?

If you're interested in grabbing a seat for one of these one-shots, you can check out available sessions here.

Candlekeep Mysteries
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