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The D20 SuperMAX Prison Initiative

Some people are superstitious when it comes to their dice. You might have character-specific dice, dice for certain situations, or just buy every pretty set you can find. You may also believe that some dice can be cursed. It surprised me how many people feel so strongly about how their dice "behave". I went from thinking "dice jail" was just a random thing a few players would randomly mention to staring in disbelief at the number of actual dice jails currently on the market.

Google search results for "Dice Jails"
Is it possible that some bad juju worked its way into your beloved D20s and caused you to fail that saving throw?

While I have never fully felt rage towards my dice, I know that there are many that have. I'm not saying I have players with anger issues, but on more than one occasion I have witnessed a D20 being thrown across a room. While addressing one such reaction I was asked what alternative I would suggest. I won't go into detail, but fire and a golf club may have been involved. I realized then that I may have a knack for coming up with elaborate dice-related punishments. I am aware that some people do not blame their dice for negative outcomes. They realize that these tiny math rocks don't intentionally roll poorly. However, there are those that would have those clickly-clackies punished to the fullest extent of human imagination. That is where my D20 SuperMax Prison Initiative comes in.

If you, or someone you know, has had to repeatedly deal with a jinxed D20 you may send them away to receive the punishment they deserve. This is for the dice that can not be redeemed. The ones beyond rehabilitation. Those that deserve what's coming to them! Take your dice, package them with hate, leave detailed instructions on how you want them punished (or explain their crimes), and send them to me at:

Juni Ruiz D20 SuperMax

PO BOX 1342

Vineland, NJ 08362

I will make sure that those cursed pieces of resin get what's coming to them. The results will be available on TikTok (@ProfessorJuni), Twitter (@JuniRuiz), and Youtube (Juni Ruiz I think).

A commission for a custom "Torture Dice Tower" is currently under construction, and will add another layer of suffering to your naughty, naughty dice.

D&D Dice
Look at them...they scream "punish me!"



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