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Happy New Year! Anyone Want to Help Keep this Very Nerdy Dad's Content Flowing and His Lights On?

Happy New Year, everyone!

I hope everyone rolled into 2023 smoothly and without catastrophic incident.

I might have poorly opened a bottle of champagne and sprayed bubbly all over my apartment.

Not terrible, but running through my kitchen as the clock strikes midnight going "Nonononono!" wasn't how I was hoping to slide into 2023.

Champagne fizzing out of a freshly popped bottle.
2023 started out sticky

My main resolution this year is to focus.

With ADHD, that's sometimes easier said than done.

Since I'm a millennial, I tried making a vision board. Not sure if I did it right, but I did want avocado toast afterward, so I couldn't have been too far off.

Vision board depicting goals for 2023 including focusing, healthy living, podcasting, date nights, advancing career goals, and increased productivity.

Unfortunately, 2022 definitely did a number on me.

As a freelancer & stay-at-home dad, it was a challenging year. Financial ups and downs are difficult to manage, and juggling childcare and work responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Needless to say, Juni is a very tired dad.

My financial situation isn't the best, so I set up a new goal on my ko-fi page.

Any support is greatly appreciated.

If you can't donate, here are some other ways you can help:

It all helps tremendously, and it makes you about 10-15% hotter from my point of view.

That's right, 10-15% hotter.

As of right now, my first week and a half of 2023 is looking like this:

There are several fun projects lined up for 2023.

  • A streamed game where I may play a woodland critter

  • I'm a guest on a well-known podcast I'm a huge fan of

  • I'll be joining a good friend's show as a co-host

  • Panels at Cons

  • and MORE!

I'm looking forward to it all, and I hope you are too.

Stay awesome & have a happy and healthy 2023!


You can find all of my social media links here.

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