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Fight the Forces of Evil as the Power Ranger of your Dreams!

Have you ever wanted to experience what it's like to fight a rapping pumpkin while wearing brightly colored tight spandex?

Of course you have!

I'm happy to share that I'm offering sessions of the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game over on

The Power Rangers RPG uses the Essence20 Roleplaying System. With this system, you create your ranger by combining personal traits, childhood influences, and your chosen Ranger color to make a hero worthy of the Power!

Here are the three games available:

1. Rookie Rangers: Angel Grove's fresh crop of heroes (An Introductory Power Rangers One-Shot)

“Ay yi yi yi yi! Rangers, Bulk and Skull are in Angel Grove park, and they’re about to be eaten by a giant pig!”

Become the Power Ranger of your dreams and stop the forces of evil from destroying Angel Grove and taking over the world!

Now is the time to craft your perfect Ranger persona, put on some brightly colored armor (spandex), and show Zordon what you’re made of!

Join others chosen by the Morphin Grid for a game experience that’s more than just 90’s era nostalgia, but a collaborative storytelling experience that will redefine what a Power Ranger means to you.

(Since this is an introductory session, we will go through a streamlined character-creation process at the beginning of the session.)

2. Adventures in Angel Grove: Fight the forces of evil as the Power Ranger of your dreams!

Welcome to Angel Grove, where the parks are beautiful, the juice bars are jumpin’, and giant monsters occasionally terrorize the city.

Wait, what?

Yes, it’s true that we occasionally have rapping pumpkins, pigs armed with cutlery, or boomerang-wielding hammerhead sharks wreaking havoc in our fair city, we have nothing to fear, thanks to the Power Rangers!

That’s you! You’re a new Power Ranger, and it’s your job to keep the citizens of Angel Grove, and the world, safe from the forces of Rita Repulsa.

Stopping the bad guys in their tracks shouldn’t be a problem for a team as powerful as yours, but something’s causing everything to go haywire! Morphers are glitching, Zords are on the fritz, and it seems like Rita is just as confused as you are.

To make matters worse, people are disappearing all over the city!

Can you figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

3. Power Rangers: Final Force, An original Power Rangers Adventure

Congratulations! You were chosen by the Morphin Grid to save all of space and time!

You, along with a group of specially chosen individuals, must work together to protect our reality’s last connection to the Morphin Grid.

You may or may not have heard of “Power Rangers.” If you have, forget everything you know. In order to save your world, all worlds, and the Morphin Grid, a new approach is needed.

If you’re going to be a Power Ranger, you will have to be better than every Ranger before you.

Here’ carefully read the Power Rangers Directive:

FIRST: Never use your powers for personal gain.

SECOND: Never escalate a battle unless your enemy forces you to.

THIRD: Keep your identity as a Power Ranger a secret. You must never reveal your identity to anyone other than your fellow Power Rangers. Ever.

Did you get all that?


Now, forget it.


If you’ve never played using this system before, not a problem! Character creation will be a breeze, and we can always make adjustments as we go to best suit your playstyle.

There will also be premade characters for those that want to pick up and play!

Grab your seat at one of the few tables giving you the chance to shout the three magic words you’ve been dying to say: “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!”


If you're interested in any of these games or my other tabletop games, check out my profile, or email me at

And May the Power Protect you!

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