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Slightly More than Very Nerdy

I'll admit it; once my wife started her blog, I said to myself, "that looks fun...maybe I want to post blogs every once in a while?" I have a lot on my plate right now, so starting a blog probably isn't the best, but I couldn't help myself!

Working in a library is what I've done since I was 16, but after getting my BA in Communications, I realize just how many options I may have to support my growing family. I keep fighting with myself and the older notion that "you need to have 'xyz' type of a good job in order to provide," but that's not true anymore. We all follow people on Twitter or Instagram, or watch videos on TikTok and YouTube and know that there are people out there making something that people want to consume and are being compensated for their time. Yeah, some of those people are getting lucky with a viral post or two, but there are way more creators out there working hard to make that list of recommendations so you don't have to keep Googling things, spending way too long making that hilarious video you just shared on your timeline or providing you with some other escape from the craziness of the world.

This past year I started professionally running tabletop sessions and I can't believe anybody would pay me to be outrageously nerdy and lead them through an adventure where they get hit in the face with tiny snowballs thrown by adorable snow spirits. But when my players thank me for running an awesome session, or tell me that they've been looking forward to our game all week, or ask me for advice on how they can improve their's really rewarding.

I love working at my library doing children and teen programs, but times are changing, and as my wife and I eagerly await the birth of our daughter, it's getting harder and harder fighting the feeling I should do some changing "future-proof" myself to ensure my family starts this next chapter of our life on the right foot. That probably means I should work harder on academics or a more conventional application of my skills, but I am a VERY NERDY (future) DAD.


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